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The 2022 Presentation Evening

Saturday 22nd October, and Coalville was braced for an invasion of finery. The ladies dressed in their finest ball gowns, the men dressed in their best ‘bib and tucker’!

The evening promised a sumptious meal, followed by presentation of trophies to winners within the club, and to winners in competitions outside of our club. Such was the success of the club this year, the presentations promised to be longer than normal.

Upon arrival, one could not fail to be impressed by how well each table had been decorated with autumn colours, with a central ‘halloween-themed’ table display of autumn berries in a pumpkin dish.How dare the tables try and upstage the ladies!

After pleasantries had been exchanged, drinks purchased and seats taken, the waiters began bringing the dishes from the kitchen.The three course meal certainly did not disappoint! Some may have feared that the ‘Cost of Living’ crisis might impact portion size, and ‘Noveau Cuisine’ might make an entrance into Coalville restaurant scene?


No fear, the Hermitage Hotel stuck to traditional Midlands portion size as starters appeared the size of main courses, main courses appeared the size of...well, main courses and puddings appeared the size of main courses.

At the end of the meal, coffee was served, drinks were refreshed and the presentation of trophies began. President Linda began the events by thanking Sue, Di, Gary and Mick for the wonderful decorations, then explaining that not all trophies won were available for presentation, which was just as well as the trophy tab;e was so ‘chocabloc’ there was no room for any more trophies.

At the end of speeches, Linda thanked the grreenkeepers for all their hard work, in a year that weather conditions meant that the work has harder than ever. Many opponents congratulated us on our green, in fact this was one trophy that was missing! If there was a trophy for best maintained green, that would have been another trophy we would have scooped.

Congratulations to all trophy winners, and commiserations for those who missed out by narrow margins. The full list of honours won are shown below:


Individual Honours

Men’s Championship.Winner: Stuart Gee

                                   Runner Up: Andy Tonkin

Men’s 2-wood.Winner: Wayne Bott

                        Runner Up: Mick Hawkins

Men’s Handicap.Winner: Stuart Gee

                           Runner Up: John Saunderson

Pairs Winners: Brian Curtis/Linda Hawkins

          Runner Up: Zena Chambers/Paul Pugsley

Ladies Championship.Winner: Joy Wiltshire 
                                    Runner Up: Zena Chambers 

Ladies 2-wood.Winner: Janet Measures 
                         Runner Up: Joy Wiltshire 

Ladies Handicap. Winner: Zena Chambers
                             Runner Up: Lois Pugsley

Roy Smith Trophy.Winners: Dave Hinsley / Tom Chambers

                             Runners up: Gary Green / Pat Phillips

John Hunter Trophy.Winners: Lois Pugsley / Val Clarke / Roger Hinsley

Maiden Cup. Winner: Brian Curtis

                      Runner Up: Neil Measures

Club Honours

Hinckley Triples KO Trophy winners - 'C' Team

Greenwood cup winners - Ibstock

Coalville & District 'A' league Runners up - 'A' Team

Coalville & District 'B' league Winners - 'B' Team

League/County Honours

County 'Champion of Champions' winner -  Dave Middleton

Coalville & District Pairs winners - Pat Phillips / Harry Kilby

Coalville & District Pairs runners up - John Saunderson / Wayne Bott

County Triples runners up - John Saunderson / Wayne Bott / Stuart Gee/ Dave Middleton

'Open' honours.

Qourn Mills Gala Triples winners - Zena Chambers / Pat Phillips / Stuart Gee

G.Stellar Pairs (Kingscroft) Winners - Pat Phillips / Stuart Gee


'Mention in despatches'.

County 4's Q/F - John Saunderson / Wayne Bott / Stuart Gee/ Dave Middleton

County Over 60's Q/F - Mick Hawkins

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