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'Pitch in' with 'Greene-King'

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Our green was first laid to use in 1929 and, for over 90 years it has served us well. The playing surface, under the love and care of our greenkeepers, continues to ‘play well’ and is the source of admiration from many visiting captains.

However, the surrounding paving slabs are beginning to show signs of their age (like many of our members !). Many of the slabs have subsided on their bases and present a trip hazard if you are not careful  where you place your footing. As with many bowls clubs, the cost of such building work is beyond the means of those clubs, if they are not directly funded by other authorities.

However, thanks to the support of brewers, Greene-King, through their ‘Proud to Pitch’ campaign, the club successfully applied for a grant to carry out remedial work, in making the slabs safer.

An initial phase of work was undertaken, just prior to the season starting, whereby redundant railings were removed and slabs made safe on one side of the green. Further phases will follow, throughout the season, and carefully managed to minimise any disruption to our bowling.

Not only has the funding allowed us to address a problem that has been on our minds for some time, but it has released funds to address other urgent matters. Maintaining our premises will always be a challenge, but with the help of these vital funds, it does feel that the club are beginning to get on top of the challenges that our infrastructure presents.

If you would like to view our initial pitch to ‘Greene King’ that won the grant then click here




Similarly if you would like to see an update on how the work is progressing then click here.

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