Fixtures 2022

Security of the Welfare site.
Police report that there has been a marked increase in anti-social incidents at the Welfare site.  and have asked that all tenants of the Welfare site ensure that they shut the gates to the site itself, if they are the last person from the bowls club to leave the ground. Even if there is still a member of the football club or the pigeon fancier's club on the site when you leave, you should still close the gates on leaving. The Parish Council will be closing various gaps in fencing and will also be replacing the padlock(number password) on the gate, which when provided, should be used to lock the gates.
It is appreciated that this measure is not foolproof but it will greatly help the police in enforcing any illegal gatherings as well as reduce the number of incidents to our club.

Teams selected for matches will be displayed on  the outside notice board so please indicate you are available on these sheets, as you would do in a 'normal' season. Ultimately keep in contact with your captain to ensure you are aware of any changes. 

Coalville & District Triples League Monday and Thursday Evening                            6.15 pm.

Hinckley & District Triples

League Fixtures

(Monday evening 6.15pm.)

Coalville & District over 60's

Weekend and Wednesday matches